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The fast food industry took root alongside that interstate highway system, as a new form of restaurant sprang up beside the new off-ramps.

Although The Jungle is fictional, and thus not a traditional work of journalism, its depiction of the conditions in slaughterhouses constituted an impactful form of muckraking, and thus may be examined in comparison to Fast Food Nation's more explicit reporting even though the former is filtered through the narrative of an immigrant family trying to succeed in turn of the century America.

Works Cited Sinclair, Upton.

Robots will replace fast-food workers

It took place during a period when the inflation-adjusted value of the minimum wage declined by about 40 percent, when sophisticated mass marketing techniques were for the first time directed at small children, and when federal agencies created to protect workers and consumers too often behaved like branch offices of the companies that were supposed to be regulated.

Both will also require you to know how to properly capitalize title information. The lifestyle that was designed is also accountable to the modern way of living of the people. There's a very good reason for punctuation and capitalization in this format.

But today, when one plant produces 1 million pounds of ground beef and ships it throughout the United States and overseas, the potential for widespread contamination is huge. Unlike Schlosser, Upton Sinclair writes his work in a fictional storyline. Most of the food tastes good, although on the other end, tasting good does not necessarily mean that they are good.

A comprehensive look at all of the muckraking and descriptive work performed by The Jungle is not necessary for the purposes of this analysis. The "special work" Jurgis performs is the slaughter and butchering of the "downers," cows injured on the trip from their original farm to the slaughterhouses.

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Moreover, the tremendous success of the fast food industry has encouraged other industries to adopt similar business methods. Inabout one-third of American mothers with young children worked outside the home; today almost two-thirds of such mothers are employed. In fact, in order to see exactly how far the meat industry was beyond any genuine regulation, one need only look as far as the next paragraph of the novel, when Jurgis must fill in for a fellow employee and begins to understand the full extent to which the meat packing industry clashes irrevocably with his preconceived notions of America.

This stuff enters your body and becomes part of you. Bill and the booming economy. A few rules That Works Cited page only contains references to sources you actually refer to in the paper.

Eric Schlosser describes a tour of one of the factories that slaughters more than five thousand cattle in a single day. A survey of American schoolchildren found that 96 percent could identify Ronald McDonald. Eric Schlosser notes that people are overweight or obese. Is it similar or different from your intended audience.

The complement of facts as well as the emotion allows him effectively portray his purpose. Fast Food: Oppression through Poor Nutrition Andrea Freeman For interesting new work on the current state of the food industry, see MICHAEL See generally ERiC SCHLOSSER, FAST FOOD NATION () for a thorough and fascinating history of fast food and its effects.

Excerpt from Essay: Jungle and Fast Food Nation The American meat industry has been a source of public contention ever since industrialization, periodically brought to the fore by investigations into and revelations of unsafe labor and food safety practices.

Food industry in America has obscured high level of fraudulent ethics as revealed in the works of Eric Schlosser “Fast Food Nation” and Upton Sinclair’s work “The Jungle”.

Jul 28,  · Rather they were fast-food workers — 1, of them — from McDonald’s, Burger King and other chains, eager to pursue their ambitious goal of creating a $an-hour wage floor for the nation. You will absolutely cringe in disgust and vow to never ever eat a hamburger again, but let's face it ' this is America, THE 'fast food nation' ' you probably will.

Fast food nation

Works Cited Roe, Andrew. And the fast food owners can make a lot of money from that.” Bolarin noted that Airtel could supply and host website for the fast food companies, therefore reducing their worries.

Work cited for fast food nation
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